08 May

Capture Image Pane Bug in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8443

As many individuals within the realm of operating system design and deployment know, Microsoft has moved to a new release schedule for Windows 10. As a result, many of the other tools and components are also falling in line with the new release schedule. This includes Assessment and Deployment Kit as well as Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Both are essential to building Windows images outside of System Center Configuration Manager. Unfortunately, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit version 8443 has a bug that prevents you from seeing the capture image pane during the Lite Touch phase of the deployment process.

As you can see below, a normal Microsoft Deployment Toolkit interface will include Capture Image unless it is set to disabled in the CustomSettings.ini file. However, in 8443, even with the Capture Image pane enabled, it still doesn’t appear.

To correct this, open ZTIUtility.vbs in Notepad, located in the scripts directory of your deployment share. Search for the below code:

If (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_InstallOS']") is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_UpgradeOS']") is nothing) then

Replace this code with the following:

If (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_InstallOS' and @disable='false']") is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_UpgradeOS' and @disable='false']") is nothing) then

Save the file, rebuild your ISO, and then you will be able to capture an image!

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